Engineered to be Load and Go
SIMPLICITY is what it is all about

Have your “about town vehicle” with you wherever you go with your Cloud Nine Carrier®

The Transport Systems Cloud Nine Carrier® is a quality product that when used correctly provides a safe, effective means of transporting your favorite get about town vehicle behind your Motor Coach allowing you to back up while maintaining complete control.

The Cloud Nine Carrier® air ride suspension provides a very efficient dampening system, resulting in a smoother ride for your towed vehicle.

Your vehicle actually floats on a cushion of air, eliminating much of the shock from rough road, bumps, pot holes and otherwise less than smooth traveling.

Placing a standard trailer hitch ball on the Cloud Nine Carrier® will classify the Carrier to be rated as a Class V Hitch.

Using Your Cloud Nine Carrier® Is A Very Easy 7 Step Process.

1. Extend And Lower The Cloud Nine Platform
2. Extend The Wheel Ramps
3. Place Vehicle On The Platform
4. Secure Vehicle With Wheel Straps
5. Attach And Secure Safety Chains
6. Plug In Ancillary Lighting
7. Raise The Cloud Nine Platform To The Correct Height

You are Now Ready to go With No Worrying About Ingress or Egress, Just Go and Enjoy Your Trip!

US Patent
6,692,218 B2
7,448,839 B2


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